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Upgrade Your Way

Getting that hot new phone has never been easier 

Upgrade Your Way lets you get the phone you want, when you want. 

Early device upgrade 

Upgrade anytime during your contract. Check the balance owing on your device by texting "Upgrade" to 43383, using the mySaskTel app, or visiting a SaskTel store or dealer. Then pay your balance and get your new device. 

Trade & upgrade 

Bring in your current device to a SaskTel Store or Authorized Dealer and we'll assess it and give you trade-in credit to use towards the purchase of a new device or accessories! Calculate your estimated trade-in value.

Phone financing

Want to upgrade but can't pay right now? With phone financing, you can choose any wireless device and finance it over 2 years for as low as $0 down. Calculate your monthly financing payment.

Early device upgrade is available to wireless customers who are on a 1 year or 2 year contract term. How we calculate your device balance: When you buy a device on a contract term, you get a discount on your device. The longer your contract, the bigger your discount. Your balance is calculated based on the discount you received and the time left on your contract. For example, a $299.99 device costs $99.99 on a 2 year contract. If, with only 90 days remaining on your contract, you want to upgrade to a brand new device, you'd need to pay out the remainder of the discount balance, which would be $24.99. Then you'd be eligible for the discounted price of a new phone! 

Trade-in value is determined by the after-market value of the device and its condition. The trade-in value is subject to change without prior notice. To receive full credit, device must be in good working condition (must power on; be able to place a call; LCD must display all information with no defects; must have battery and back cover; some credits may be offered for non-working devices). Credits may only be used at the time of the trade-in. No cash value. No cash/credit refund for return merchandise. Customer is responsible to ensure device has been deactivated, cleared of all personal information. All trade-ins are final. One trade in per new device sold. Available to new and existing, postpaid and prepaid, SaskTel customers. New activation and renewal required at the time of trade-in. Available on all contract terms. SaskTel or competitor device eligible. 

Financing rate of $2.50 per month based on a phone purchase of $50. Financing rates are rounded down; customer pays the difference at time of purchase with a one-time payment. For example, if the total cost of your phone is $620, you’ll receive financing at the $600 rate and pay the $20 difference at point of sale. Financing terms for a new wireless device are on a 2-year term. Financing is available to our new and existing customers. Financing is only available to customers who sign a new 2-year contract at the time of purchase and subscribe to a current voice or data rate plan. Monthly financing payments are set at the point of sale and are not affected if you decide to change your rate plan. Financing is available starting at $2.50 per month, up to $75 per month for a maximum of $1,500. If you cancel your contract, termination fees may apply. You may also be required to pay the balance owing on your phone. You can pay off your phone at any time by paying the amount owing on your device. Financing payments will appear on your monthly wireless bill. Phone financing is only available for cellular and wireless data service equipment.


Get the phone you want,
when you want.


Be first in line when the new
phones are released.


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