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Prairie Mobile Cell Phones, Two Way Radios - Kenwood TK-7302H/8302H

Kenwood TK-7302H/8302H

Compact 16 Channel Synthesized FM Mobile Radio

Product Detail

Kenwood TK-7302 and TK-8302 compact mobiles are packaged in a tough platform compliant with international IP and U.S. DOD Military environmental standards.  The TK-7302HK and TK-8302HK include traditional two-way radio features for repeater access, group and individual selective calling, priority channel scan to monitor multiple channels and voice security options to “keep your business…your business”.  A decidedly user-friendly design, this mobile offers high-quality audio, a multi-lingual voice synthesized channel announcement feature and a large backlit display with adjustable brightness.

Special Features: Key Lock, Companded Audio, Voice Scrambler, Optional High Level Encryption Board, Busy Channel Lockout, Time-Out Timer, Horn Alert Function, 8 Programmable AUX Outputs, Password Protection, Operator Selectable Tone, Embedded Message, ESN (Electronic Serial Number), Radio Stun, Microphone Gain, Microsoft Windows Programmable & Tuning.

General Features:


50 Watt, VHF, 136-174 MHz

8 Programmable AUX Outputs

Priority Channel Scan

45 Watt, UHF, 406-470 MHz

Key Lock

Voice Inversion Scrambler

Programmable Power (Down to 5 Watts)

Busy Channel Lockout (BCL)

DTMF Encode / Decode

16 Channels / 2 Zones

2 Digit LED Channel Display

Selective Call & Group Call

2 Accessory Interface Options

Programmable LED’s

Supports Internal or External GPS Receivers

Programmable Function Keys

Horn Alert Function

FleetSync® or MDC-1200 Features


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