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Prairie Mobile Cell Phones, Two Way Radios - Kenwood TK-980/981

Kenwood TK-980/981

800/900 MHz LTR Trunking Mobiles

Product Detail

Kenwood TK-980 and TK-981 meet the requirements of users requiring LTR® trunking systems in the 800 MHz or 900 MHz band.  These compact mobile radios have built-in FleetSync® capability for alphanumeric two-way paging and many other features putting these radios at the top of their class.  The TK-980K and TK-981K mobiles allow you to stay productive with the outstanding performance and versatility that only Kenwood can deliver.

Special Features: LTR® trunked or conventional systems, 32 systems/250 groups (trunked system), Max.600 channels (trunked system), MIL-STD 810 C, D, E, Die-cast chassis, High-output front facing speaker, multiple scan functions, 12 character dot matrix LCD, Telephone dialing features, Coded squelch (QT-DQT), Security features, Flash memory advantage, FleetSync® alphanumeric two-way paging, Data-ready connection port.

General Features:


15 Watt, 800 MHz

3 Digit Sub Display

System Scan

15 Watt, 900 MHz

Backlit Dot Matrix LCD

List Type System Scan

250 Channels (Conventional)

Function / Status LCD Icons

DTMF Encode / Decode

32 System / 250 Groups (Trunking)

Transmit/Busy/Call Alert Warning LED’s

Caller ID Display

6 Backlit Programmable Function Keys

Emergency Call Feature

GPS Receiver Option

10 Character Alphanumeric Aliases

Public Address / Horn Alert Option

FleetSync® Features


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