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Prairie Mobile Cell Phones, Two Way Radios - NXR 700/800

NXR 700/800

Kenwood VHF/UHF NXDN Full Feature Set Digital/Analog Repeater/Station

Product Detail

Kenwood NXR-700 and NXR-800 repeater / Base Stations offer the flexibility of choosing NEXEDGE™ digital trunking operation, NEXEDGE™ Multi-Site IP Trunking with the IP Network option or LTR® analog trunking, or, operation in conventional modes. As with all NEXEDGE repeaters, the NXR-700/800 provides a built-in analog-to-digital migration path.  Like other Kenwood repeater families this platform offers superior transmit and receive performance in a low profile 1RU design that saves valuable site space for choice of power amplifiers, power supplies, site monitoring and management equipment.

Special Features: Repeater or Base Station Operation, FM Conventional & Digital Operation included, 16 Site IP Network Trunking Option, LTR® Trunking Controller Interface, Ethernet Network Interface, Built-In Scrambler, Over the Air Alias, Programmable AUX I/O’s, 16 RAN Repeater Control Built-In, 1,000 GID’s / UID’s Per Site in Conventional Mode, 3,000 GID’s & UID’s per Site in Trunking Mode.

Trunked Sites and IP Network Systems have USB Secure Key Access, Direct Dial-Up & IP Connectivity, 5,000 Fleets (UID/GID User Lists), Remote Site Programming, Real-Time Activity Monitoring, NXR/Network Interface Diagnostics, Call Logging & Event Download, Remote System Firmware Update.  Multi-Site IP Network Accommodates 60,000 GID’S & 60,000 UID’s per Network, ESN Validation & Auto Roaming and Validation.

General Features:



VHF, 136-174 MHz,

NXDN® Digital Air Interface

25 & 12.5 kHz Channel Spacing

UHF, 406-430, 450-470 MHz


Built-In Scrambler

5 Watt programmable to .5 Watt

6.25 & 12.5 kHz Channel Spacing

16 QT/DQT Repeater Control Built-In

Selection of Power Amplifiers 40 watt – 250 Watt

NXDN® Scrambler Built-In

Hang Timer / Time Out Timer / CW ID

30 Channel Scanning Base (Conventional)

NXR Over The Air Alias

External FM Controller Interface

2 Digit LED Display

High Stability Oscillator Option (6.25KHz)

External LTR® Controller Interface


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