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  • 690WI472205-WeBoost Connect 3G Directional Cell Phone Signal Booster

    690WI472205-WeBoost Connect 3G Directional Cell Phone Signal Booster


    Say goodbye to dropped calls, lost connections, and slow internet with the Connect 3G Directional 472205 cell phone signal booster from weBoost. Ideal for your home, office, or building up to 5,000 sq. ft., this device enhances cell signals on your smartphone or tablet for reliable talk, text, and basic 3G internet services.

    What’s in the box:

    470005 Connect 3G Dual-band Cell Phone Amplifier/ Repeater 311155 Inside Wall Panel Antenna 314475 Outside Directional Antenna 859912 Power Supply 950630 (x2) 30' White Low Loss RG6 (75ohm) Coax Cable 472205 Installation Manual/ Instructions


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    • Plus Pricing is only available on select devices purchased on a 2-year voice & data term (or 2 year data term for tablets)*.
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    • If you upgrade your device early and renew your contract, any existing Plus Pricing amount will continue to be charged monthly until it expires, or you may choose to pay out the remaining amount.
    • If you terminate your service early, you'll be required to pay any Plus Pricing amount owing (the number of months left on your contract), in addition to the Early Cancellation Fee.

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