weBoost Wilson 10 dB tap w/0.5 dB pass through w/N female connectors


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Key Features

10 DB tap for signal distribution systems to split the amplified signal to multiple inside antennas with minimal signal loss. These 2-way unequal splitter are ideal for in-building applications that require the combining or dividing of RF to accommodate multiple antenna locations. Weatherproof case for indoor or outdoor use.

Weight 11.63 ounces
Wireless Capability No
Additional Features
Defining Features • Unequal amounts of signal sent to two antennas for different sized areas • One output port loses 10 dB; one loses 0.5 dB • 90 percent of the signal strength is sent through the -0.5 dB output port • Can be wired in series (daisy-chained) to power up to 20 antennas • weatherproof case
Services 2 year warranty/30 day satisfaction guarantee