Club3D - USB-C Gen2 Bi-Directional Cable/Data 480Mb/PD 240W(48V/5A) EPR M/M 6.56ft Red


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Key Features

The Club 3D CAC-1573  USB2.0 Type-C Bi-Directional Cable, Data 480Mb, PD 240W(48V/5A) EPR, Extended Power Range  M/M 2m/6.56ft connects your Notebook, Tablet or Phone with USB Type-C output to your favorite existing Peripherals, Accessories and Chargers. It enables Data and Power over a single cable and both ways. This cable supports USB2.0 data up to 480Mbps and up to 240Watt(48V/5A) output for Downstream charging or powering your Notebook, Tablet or Smartphone.

Color Red