Club3D - HDMI KVM Switch for Dual HDMI 4K 60Hz Power Charger 4 ports PD Support - Black


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Key Features

The Club3D CAC-1904 Power Charger, 4 ports, 2x USB Type-A + 2x Type-C  up to 112W, Power Delivery(PD) Support is designed for users who want to use only 1 Power Charger for their PC/Laptop/Tablet/Mobile phone as well as their docking station. It has a separate power cord for use into a wall socket. The Power Charger is light weight without compromising on Quality and safety. By adopting Power Delivery(PD) charging technology, this versatile Power Charger provides you with Both charging function through 2 times USB Type-A + 2x USB Type-C interface, you can charge any connected Mobilephone / Tablet / NoteBook. Furthermore all it needs is a free USB Type A and/or Type C port on your  Dock/NoteBook/Tablet/ Mobile phone to be charged via the bundled USB cable. 
Charging: By adopting PD Charging technology and charging function through both USB Type-A and Type-C interfaces the Club3D Power Charger offers versatile and unique functionality with its 4 ports. It will charge your devices up to 112 Watts. Built-in safeguards protect your devices against excessive current, overcharging and overheating.

Color Black