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About Prairie Mobile

Prairie Mobile Communications provides complete wireless communications solutions to customers as far away as Australia or as demanding as the Canadian Military. We have been serving the public, businesses and government agencies throughout the Prairie Provinces of Canada since 1968 and with your support we have continued to grow and expand into more areas where we can meet the ongoing communications needs of our customers.

Prairie Mobile Communications is one of Kenwood Canada’s largest Land Mobile Radio Dealers and one of SaskTel's largest Authorized Dealers with 21 locations across the Prairies. We offer SaskTel Cellular & Data, Internet and Max TV services from as far North as Nipawin and South to Estevan, and everywhere in-between. We also offer two-way radio sales and service throughout Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Northwest Ontario.  Our highly trained sales consultants and technical staff would welcome the opportunity to sit down and discuss your needs and suggest solutions that will work for you and your business.

Prairie Mobile Communications is a leading provider of wireless communications solutions across Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario. Our customer support philosophy helps our customers gain better insight into their communications needs, while connecting them to these solutions.

Prairie Mobile Communications was founded over 40 years ago, in a small garage in Brandon, Manitoba as a repair company to meet the service requirements of Western Manitoba’s users of two-way communications products.

Careers at Prairie Mobile

Our Vision

Prairie Mobile Communications is built upon a commitment to customer care. We live by our vision to connect the Prairies through voice and data with complete wireless communications solutions.

Our commitment goes beyond the sale of communications devices, but captures complete customer support in the following areas:

  • Sales Support – After-sales support and customer follow-up
  • Installation – In-shop or on-site installation of all of our products
  • Warranty and Repair – Factory trained technicians to service all product lines
  • Facilities – State of the art testing and repair facilities in all major cities
  • Distribution – Relevant, timely and quality products at competitive pricing

At Prairie Mobile Communications we have this motto: “after the sale, it’s the service that counts”.

Our Mission

Our mission at Prairie Mobile Communications is to provide the complete wireless communications solution to all business and residential customers, striving for excellence in our approach to customer care and always under-promising and over-delivering.

We will succeed in business by committing to the entire spectrum of voice and data needs of our customers, ensuring excellence in customer care to our customer base and beyond. Our staff are consistently updating their knowledge of our product lines to provide after sales support and follow-up care, enhancing the customer experience. We have seven locations company-wide with devoted teams of technical staff to provide service support for all of our product lines to all of our locations.

We will maintain a sustainable advantage in our marketplace, as one of the only dealers to provide a full service facility with proven excellence in customer support, while continuing to expand to new markets.

Our Core Values

Prairie Mobile Communications is committed to a customer support philosophy. Our Core Values not only guide our interactions with internal and external customers, but also provide a consistent set of criteria upon which to make business decisions and support business development.

We lead by example through the following Core Values:

  • Integrity – We are honest and truthful to our customers, staff and stakeholders. We strive to follow through with our commitments and keep our promises.
  • Responsibility – We take pride in being responsible and accountable for the products and services we provide. We seek to lead by example and look for opportunities to learn and grow.
  • People – We demonstrate compassion, commitment and respect in the relationships we have within our team, developing ideas and collaborating with each other to achieve the best customer solutions.
  • Customer Focus – We develop our product and service offerings with our partners, always keeping the customer in mind. We support all of the products we sell and ensure we are easily accessible in the markets we serve.
  • Expertise – We promote an approach to continuous learning and ensure our staff are well-trained and informed to provide effective solutions to our customers.


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