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Prairie Mobile Wifi/IP Solutions

Wifi/IP Solutions

Prairie Mobile Communications carries some unique products that look and work like a two way radio, but run off of your in-house WiFi rather than a large, complex and expensive antenna system. Small portable radios with great audio and full duplex communication with a headset.

Icom IP100H

The IP100H is ideal for use in many settings, including:

  • Warehouses
  • Restaurants/Cafés
  • Hotels/Museums
  • Shopping Malls/Department Stores
  • Security/Guards
  • Hospitals/Care

The IP100H new from ICOM is NOT just a two way radio, it is much more.

The key advantage to the IP100H is that NO licence is required to operate, units can be set up right out of the box  and the savings of not having to go through Industry Canada alone could be worth the initial cost of the system. The system is scalable and use common wifi network as infrastructure.  The units can be easily integrated to the buildings existing wifi network.

Analog radios and digital radios have limited range, using line of sight, the best two way radio set up still will have limits. Two way radio systems use frequencies to transmit your voice over the air ( requiring a licence from Industry Canada) . The IP100H connected to the existing wifi network would give it virtually unlimited range within your business where ever wifi is accessible. The IP100H can be connected to a VPN (Virtual Private Network) giving the range of the units not only across the city but around the world and because of roaming  ( seamless switching from access point to access point) as long as you have the proper equipment in place,  using Radio Over IP   (RoIP)  Similar to Voice Over IP (VoIP)  but using radio communications rather than telephone calls.

There are three core components to the IP100H  Advanced Radio System:

The  IP100H Portable Radios,  IP100FS Dispatch Software and the IP1000C System Controller.

The IP100H:

  • Full duplex operation, both parties can talk and listen at the same time just like a telephone when a headset is connected.
  • LCD function display
  • Built in 400mW speaker for quality sound
  • Incoming call vibrate function
  • Can be used with or without external antenna
  • IPX7 waterproof and submersible in up to 1 meter of water for 30 minutes.
  • Encryption for extra security
  • Range is only limited by network coverage

The IP100FS Dispatch software.

The software suit will turn your computer into a dispatch console for the ICOM IP100H handhelds. The program also has a mapping feature so you can see the active radios that are connected to each access point..

  • Functions like a traditional two way radio
  • Uses the computer’s built in microphone and speakers
  • Can be installed on Windows based tablet PC as well as Laptops
  • Provides remote radio kill, stun, and monitor functions.

IP100C System Controller:

The IP100C  Controller is the main piece of the system.  This device connects directly to your existing network and all the communications between the  IP100H radios are routed through it.  A web interface is used to configure all the radios stored. The IP100C knows where  the IP100H radios are and can keep track of them.  It handles all types of calls, such as individual call, group call, or text messaging. Text messages are predefined and can be controlled by the customer. There are two versions of the IP100C the IP100C-20 that supports up to 20 units and the IP100C-100 that will support up to 100 units. The system is scalable and can grow along with your needs. 

  • Easy to set up and use
  • Easy to maintain
  • Up to 100 plus  users can communicate
  • Scalable as you need it to be
  • Range only restricted by your IP network coverage
  • Encryption provides extra security
  • NO licence fee required
  • No call charge


This  RoIP Gateway will all allow the IP advanced radio system interconnect with an IP phone, analog radio, iDAS and NXDN digital radios.   If you already have radios in use on your site this unit will let you communicate with your older stock, because of the different system capability.  The converter mode allows  The VE-PG3 to enable any device on the network to talk to any other device; it will allow your existing analog or digital radios to communicate with the IP100H units.

In bridge mode, Not only can you add your existing radios to the IP network, but  any communication device such as cell phones , VoIP phone and analog phones.  The phone can dial in to the radio system, and a radio user can start a phone call, Bridge mode can connect dispersed radio sites over the network and provide cross band and cross  category connection.


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